I smell Ice a mile. *Titanic I want to Icebeld.

I am not that good at making ice jokes, but it will suffice.

Why did the boy not cross the road?

Cause he was on thin ice.

Its ice to see u

why did sally drop her ice cream? cause she has no arms

whats thick and has ice in it when you take it out of a blender?

a baby smoothie

How do you make a dead baby float? Two scoops of ice cream, one scoop of dead baby !

why cat blonds make ice they forgot the recipe

Sugar Honey Ice Tea


Why did the little boy fall off the swing? Because he had no arms or legs

What did the little boy get for Christmas? Cancer

Why did the little boy drop his ice cream? He got hit by a bus

Knock knock…Who’s there… Not the little boy

why did the boy drop his ice cream…he got hit my a bus.

why did the cow go to space

to get ice cream

Ice cold coffee? Coll beans!

When it’s cold outside men can cut ice in 3 places

How many degrees does it take to change ice into boiling water? 199, because, the difference between -100 and +100 is 199 (excluding the zero, because it’s not real and it doesn’t exist because it’s not real). Get? https://youtu.be/XZQOjp0i35A?t=333

An old lady walks into an ice cream store. Clerk greets her and says, “What will it be today ma’am…we have every flavor you can imagine”. Old lady says, “Well, I guess I’d like a quart of chocolate ice cream”. The clerk says, “Sorry ma’am, we’re out of chocolate today. Any other flavor we’ll have”. "“Ok” she replies, “Why don’t you just give me a pint of chocolate ice cream”. The clerk says just a little louder in case she’s hard of hearing, “Sorry ma’am, but we’re fresh out of chocolate ice cream”. The old lady says, “Oh, ok. Why don’t you just get me a cone with one scoop of chocolate ice cream?”. Finally totally exasperated the clerk says, “Wait a minute lady. Can you spell Van as in vanilla?”. “Why of course young man” she says, “V-A-N”. “Right” the clerk says, “Can you spell Straw as in strawberry?”. “Well of course, Straw”, she replied. “Ok then” he says, “Now spell Fuck as in chocolate”. She says, “There’s no Fuck in chocolate”. He says, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you… THERE’S NO FUCKING CHOCOLATE!!!”.

The ice cream man tried to murder me today.

Why did the Ice Cube complain about being so warm? Because he was dropped on the floor.

A man walks into a bar and orders a stiff drink. I gave him a glass of ice.

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper? -He is very cold blooded -Why? -He is Ice Cube