Why did the Ice Cube complain about being so warm? Because he was dropped on the floor.

A man walks into a bar and orders a stiff drink. I gave him a glass of ice.

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper? -He is very cold blooded -Why? -He is Ice Cube

Q: why did billy drop his ice cream cone A: he as turrets

Why did little Billy drop his ice cream? He was hit by an ice cream truck.

why did jimmy drop his ice cream

Because he was dead

a girl looked in the fridge she got mad that somebody at the last ice cream cone she ran into her sisters room and said this is why your fat the fell down the stairs good thing she had that belly roll to save her.

Yo mama so fat She th ice burg

Yo mama so fat She the ice burgg

Yo mama so fat She da ice burg

your so small you went surfing on an ice lolly!

Yo mama is so dumb she wanted to get some ice but she went Antarctica and actually got ice and brought wilt cream🤣

why did sally drop her ice cream come? because she got hit bye a bus. subscribe to my youtube channel to find more jokes like this one.search Irs Calvin and the pic of the kid ,thats me

(This format is probably easier to read)

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper?

-He is very cold blooded


-He is Ice Cube

What happened when you put your penis in? You start cUUuuUuuUMmMmiIiNnnGgG

Yo mama so fat She the ice burg

in Antarctica there are ice dicks for ladies to hop onto.

Little do they know ive been waiting for this moment.

A Down syndrome kid asks for an ice cream, the man asks do you want sauce on it? The downs kid says It doesn’t matter I’m going to drop it anyway 😂😂😂