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Friends are like penguins.

If you stab a penguin, they die.

Whats black, white, and red all over? a penguin in a blender

Whats all fuzzy, warm, and laughing? The person who snapped its neck and put it into the blender

A swan, a goose and a penguin walked into a bar… I DUCKed.

I like penguins

What’s black and white and red allover? A penguin that’s just been raped.

What is a penguin without a pen? A guin…

A penguin walks into a bar. The bartender says, “So what will it be this time?” The penguin doesn’t answer because it’s a penguin.

There was a penguin breathing with his ass. One day he sat down and he died.

what did the penguin say the disabled kid?

f... off u mong head

why couldn’t the penguin cross the road?It was ran over🐧

why did the penguin pull out a tooth. It was Mexican.

what do u call a penguin in the desert lost!!! hahhahahaa banta everyone on this site has 0 life and should leave