Sweet victory fans: Fuck the NFL. They should be disbanded! Harvey Weinstein: I raped five girls and the NFL was one of them

why doesn’t bat man need robin as a wing man?

cos he has no problem robin’ your girl

A girl asks her Asian boyfriend if he wants to eat her pussy. He asks her why she is taking off her clothes, instead of cooking her cat.

a girl and a boy were on a date, the boy kept farting. the girl asked, What Is Wrong?!?!the boy replied, “explosive diareah.” the girl said ew.

The boy went to the bathroom, and the place exploded. the center of the explosion, the bathroom.

This Chinese girl didn’t know what a sausage roll was so i replied, its like a spring roll with sausage in it but not any dog or cat how you have it.

Me:what’s that girls name from phinease and ferb the sister Crush:candice Me:candice dick fit in your mouth Crush: slaps me Walks away

Lemme clap your girls booty cheeks daddy papi

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So I was in the car with my mom one time and we always joke about me being adopted (I am not) and Michael Jackson’s song Billie Jean sounds like my name and so my mom says, as the song is playing, (my name) is not my daughter, she’s just a girl who claims that I am her mum. Wow. applauds for mother Love you momma =)

I love breakups, my ex-girlfriends always end up in pieces.

What’s the difference between a teenage girl and a cat? One’s a psycho and the other is a cat

Let girls live is 9 years old omg right??😔😊😊😊

I was always to I’m to small to ride but every girl I’ve been with rated me a 9.5

A young girl was playing in the park with her mother when she asked the question, “mummy what`s that building over there”? The mother looked at the prison, smiled and said "that’s where the cotton pickers live.

Santa Claus walks up to 3 little girls and says Ho Ho Ho.

Me, a Chinese woman and he BFF walked into a bar. I asked the Chinese girl for her number. She said, “Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight!” I said, “Wow!" Then her friend said, “She means 666-3629.”

So a kid asks his dad, " Why was I born?“ The dad replies, " I thought that girl was dead!”

Q: What did the little girl say to her leper daddy? A: “Oops, I got your nose!”

Whats the difference between a boy and girl,a boy always carry an average 5in do not enter cine.

Its girl I like in my school, but she always on her phone. Its seem that I can’t get a SIGNAL from her