The Toaster;

other wise known as, the ultimate bath bomb.

Are you a toaster? Bc I want to take a bath w you ;)

You’re mamma’s so ugly, even the toaster wouldn’t get in the bathtub with her.

And the lord said unto john come forth and you will receive eternal life, but john came fifth and won a toaster

Say toast 3 times. Spell toast 3 times. What do you put in a toaster. What is the answer.

And the Lord said onto John, “Come forth to receive eternal life”. But John came fifth and won a toaster.

What is the best type of bath bomb?

A toaster.

Leprechauns are stupid. No joke

Are you a toaster?

Goats are like mushrooms. If you shoot a cat, I’m scared of toasters.

FUN FACT: Toasters were originally called tanning breads!

Go Kermit toaster bath