I dated a German girl, it was very annoying when she kept on screaming her age and moaning.

What is the German word for constipation? Farfrompoopin.

you walk inside a building then you see a blind german then you call him his name

Answer: Nazi

The nearest approximation to a perpetuum mobile would be a Swabian chasing a Scot because of money.

(Swabians are the Scots of Germany regarding to finances)

I did a good job and walk walk home and walk walk to the car and drive yyyy is the difference between a good

What is the one sauce Germans avoid on their steak?


Guy is at athletic meet. asks guy if he is a pole vaulter. He replies, No I am German and how did you know my name was Walter.

Why is the Champs dElysees in Paris lined with trees? Because German soldiers like marching in the shade!

I was going from Germany to Austria and I accidentally crossed the border Illegally when the poliece caught me they told me I was a Nazi. I asked them y? they said I didn’t see the border

TFW you’re having sex with your german girlfriend and she won’t stop telling you here age

Deutsch: Die, die nichts zu sagen haben, reden viel. Die, die was zu sagen haben, hingegen kaum.

How do you becomes with Nato. Promise no more world wars, by secretely peforming miltiary practises behind their back

1st Person: Do you want to know something funny? 2nd Person: Yeah, sure! 1st Person: I don’t know, I’m German!

When in Poland people go to a house party, and the atmosphere is bad, nobody is talking, they say: “Is there a German here?”

How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb?


Why is it poetic when they have plenty of those German sandals in the store? Because they’re Birkenstock.


What do you call German Music in Spanish? Españodelling.

all germs all from GERMany

What do you call a blind german? A Nazi (Not-see)!