Did you know that Germany came up with sparkling water

Who else would think of adding gas

“Guess how I got to Germany so fast?”

“Because I was Russian!”

What does Germany and the rest of the world have in common? They both use gases to poison 1 thing or another.

3 people died and went to Hell. One of them is from America, the second guy is from Germany, and the third guy is from Afghanistan. The devil lets each person make a phone call to their loved ones in the country they came from but they will be charged. The American spends 10 minutes on the phone and is charged $20. The German spends 12 minutes on the phone and is charged $24. The man from Afghanistan spends half an hour on the phone and is charged nothing. The other two guys asked the devil why. The devil responded: “Local calls are free”.

I was going from Germany to Austria and I accidentally crossed the border Illegally when the poliece caught me they told me I was a Nazi. I asked them y? they said I didn’t see the border

Why is the Nazi Anthem banned in Germany? Because Horst Wessel Lied.

The nearest approximation to a perpetuum mobile would be a Swabian chasing a Scot because of money.

(Swabians are the Scots of Germany regarding to finances)

why did England beat Germany in world war two scissors beats paper

all germs all from GERMany

What’s the world’s most diseased country?


Germany: As long as America stay out of the war we should win. Japan: bombing pearl harbour Cowabunga It Is!!

Germany is