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Why should you stay away from trees? - Because they wanna be leafed alone.

GRAVEYARD SAVINGS: While leafing through our local newspaper, I noticed this classified ad: “For sale: one used tombstone. Splendid opportunity for a family named Dingle.”

What did one tree say to the tree that was a bully? LEAF me alone

a lumberjack goes to a person´s house then he realized the tree was too big and was stumped and had to leaf

I like plants, but then I decided to turn over a new leaf and branch out.

My new leaf blower doesn’t work. It Sucks.

so I was walking in a store and a carrot and a lectus said “lectus leaf” to me.

Why do leaves change color in the fall? Because they want to leaf their old color

D you like tree jokes? Because they leaf me in tears :3

Do you like tree jokes? Because they leaf me in tears :3

I despise lumberjacks. They are always barking up the wrong tree, all bark and no bite. They just need to leaf people a lone or stick with something nicer

What did the tree say to the Lumberjack? Leaf me alone

You’ll parsley be-leaf how many puns I have. Hopefully your funny-bone isn’t broken because these are real rib-ticklers.