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I started a band called 999 megabytes… we still haven’t gotten a gig

What is a Necrophiliacs favorite band?


If Al Gore started a math rock band it should be called Algorhythm.

What do you call a mariachi band sinking in Mayonnaise?

Cinco De Mayo

What is Jesus’ favorite band?

Nine Inch Nails.

What’s Stephen Hawking’s favourite band? The Rolling Stones.

I’m taking a taking a guitar lesson at school, my band instructor told me he was going to hit me with my guitar, i Asked him if that was a fret

You need to play a bflat not a c sharp, you just got band!!

D’jahear about the band Manhole? I hear they’re a metal cover

What do Marie Antoinette and 2005-2012 Korn have in common?

They’re both Headless.

Only one band is capable of affording the insurance on supercars. UB40!

I started a band called 1023 megabytes - We still haven’t gotten a gig.

What did the skeleton play when je joined the band? A tromBONE

what was Stephen hawkings favourite band

the rolling stones

What do you call a band made of cheese? Grate That

What’s got 9 arms and sucks

Def Leppard

Ever heard of the band ‘Nothing but thieves’? Yeah, it’s called RobberBand.

Which band doesn’t make music? One Direction

What do you call a Mexicans in a band trying to be a white band 'Jaun direction ’

What is Jesus’ favorite band?

Nine Inch Nails.