Daughter Jokes


I was watching my daughter at a park she was playing with a few people another parent came up to me and said which was is yours, just for fun i said "i am still choosing" she looked horrified


Daughter: I know this is weird but I feel like that someone is watching me when I am sleeping.

Father: Sorry



The daughter walks up to her father and he asks him “Dad can I ask you something?” The father says “Of course, what’s your question?” The daughter replies and asks “How do you feel about abortion?” The father says “Why don’t you ask your sister?” The daughter replies “I don’t have a sis-“


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Jack and jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana, jack got high grabbed her thigh, and said "you know you wanna" jill said yes and pulled up her dress and then they had some fun, but silly jill forgot her pill and now they have a daughter

haha i fucked you over


The daughter milked her dad. It turns out it wasn't milk...

Tyrone Obama

How can all rape be prevented? Just teach your daughters to never say no to a man. There - fixed!


Jack and Jill went up the hill to celebrate their marriage.

9 months later they happily had some use for their baby carriage.

2 years later they went up again then their daughter had a brother.

But 1 little secret that no one knew was that Jack and Jill share a mother..

Mr. Eggo

One day, a little girl was texting her friend. " Guess what Angelica!" said the little girl

"What?" Angelica replied

"I'm a guy."


what is a lion call as a baby cocota


My parents raised me as an only child, which really pissed off my sister.

Dia alekya narisetti

A man was almost about to drown. A boat say "Do u need help?" And he said no. After the boat left, another boat came to the sea. And they asked if he needed help. And he said no. And he asked God "Why didn't u help me?" God said "I sended u 2 big boats, you dummy!

Don't be a b....

jack and Jill went up the hill to do it in the water, jack slipped and the condom ripped now they have a daughter


Dad: What time do u wanna go to the dentist? Daughter: *tooth hurty* Dad: all right

Your mum

I love ❤️ taking my daughter out in the car 🚙 every time we go over a speed bump I tell her we ran over another dog 🐕😂



My Daughter is Super Smart! She pours her own drinks on the floor



daughter:dad why did mom do best? dad:nothing except pretend to love us and leave daughter:so she only loves my sister? dad:yep


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What did the paintings name their daughter? Palette


Me and my friend went to the park, after a while we grabbed our little princess and said "it's time to go sweetie" but before we could go someone said "stop them they have my daughter!"