And the lord said unto john come forth and you will receive eternal life, but john came fifth and won a toaster

And the Lord said onto John, “Come forth to receive eternal life”. But John came fifth and won a toaster.

After a lord comes back from vacation, he meets the gardener at the gates of his park. Lord: Has something happened while I was gone? Gardener: Ah, nothing much, I just broke a shovel while I was burrying your dog. Lord: My dog died?! Gardener: Yes, it choked on the smoke when your mansion burnt down. Lord: My mansion?! How?! Gardener: Well, your wife was distraught and dropped a candle on the curtains. Lord: Why was she so distraught? Gardener: She received the news of your daughter being kidnapped. Lord: My daughter! Don’t you have any positive news for me?! Gardener: Oh right! Your cancer test results!

And the Lord said unto John, “Come forth and you will receive eternal life.” But John came fifth, and he got a toaster.

Which one of Lord Arthur’s knights invented the round table.

Sir Cumference

A man was kneeling on the church floor, crying desperately in front of the large wooden statue of Christ. "My headphones are broken, Lord… I’m desperate… What should I do? Guide me!!" And the Lord appeared in the form of bright light, and the strong, deep voice filled the man’s soul. WELL BUY NEW ONES, YOU DUMBASS And so he did.

When Stephen Hawking entered Heaven and met with the Lord, after a short interview God asked : " Hey Stephen, I need you to explain to me how does all this stuff work ? "

What the difference between MetaCareForAll and the resurrection of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ? One of them is an unrealistic fantasy that can never come true because it wouldnt work. The other one is the resurrection our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. (Ben Shapiro 2020)

Stormtrooper: My lord, what should we do with all this beef? Palpatine: Stew it

Why are most West Virginians going to hell?

Their favorite pastimes (inbreeding and beastiality) are an abomination unto the Lord.

Your grandmother died cuz she fell on the highest floor of the hotel your grandfather died cuz he got shot by saving your mother if he didn’t save your mother you wouldn’t be here You grew up in a world full of virus you wanted the virus to be gone there’s only one way But you have to know it I can’t tell it for you Your mother got the Covid-19 you prayed and prayed all night hoping that she would be okay the next day the doctors went to your house without your mother you asked “Where is my mother?!?!” The doctors said “Your mother is gone,so we came here to tell you” the doctors left. Anither hour you were thinking while crying “Why was my pray not working?,Lord why’d you let me down?” You searched on Google “How to bring back the dead” the Google workers declined it.your father left you cuz he loved another girl Your brothers are still with you but what do they get the virus? Who will be with you? Don’t forget Jesus is still there for you don’t give up keep going and you will succeed soon you will find your own family and beat the coronavirus