Dark Humor


why cant you say hi to a drug addict?They’ll say yea


you so ugly that if you looked in the mirror you would walk into the light


Whats the difference between dark humor and morbid humor? Dark humor is 10 babies in a trash can. Morbid humor is 1 baby in 10 trashcans

I saw a kid crying and asked him where his parents were. He started crying harder. The ungrateful brat. I see why he is a orphan

If you were a fruit, you would be a fineapple If you were a vegetable, I would visit u in the hospital


Most controversial types of matter:

  1. Dark matter
  2. Anti matter
  3. Black lives matter

Kid: Dad whats a dark joke? Dad: well you see that guy over there? tell him to wave. Kid: but dad im blind. Dad: exactly, also the dude had no arm



The W in Africa Stands for Water

Steve Western Union

Why did the kid name Jeff become gay because he grow up with out a father figure hahaha I love dark humor


“Hey kid why are you so fat” “Why did you insult him thats not nice” “It wont matter hes def”