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What’s the best thing about Alzheimer’s?

You can hide your own Easter Eggs!!

Why don’t witches wear underwear?

To get a better grip on their broom

i saw a man trying to rape a dog, i decided to help, the dog cant stand a chance against the both of us

What's a depressed person's favorite drink?

Depresso expresso

Jk Its bleach

What’s the best part about having sex with 28 year olds?

There are 20 of them

why cant orphans go to sleepovers?

Their parents never say yes

What is red and tan and spins for about 50mph??

A baby in a blender

Why cant homeless people be gay?

They dont have a closet to get out of

Why cant Juice Wrld play Black Ops II ? Because he cant handle 6 perks

If a crippled man told stories about himself, would that be called VeggieTales?

This not even a joke its a serious question.... Is eating ass considered cannabilism?

2 simple steps to get 15,000 people to follow you step 1. Buy a bottle of water (doesn't matter the size) step 2 . Run through Africa with that bottle of water. Perfect now You got yourself half the population there following you

Ever heard of a rape victim with Alzheimer's?

Yeah, neither have they.

How did the dude with epilepsy win the break dancing competition?

He saw flashing lights

What’s the best thing about Alzheimer’s?

You can hide your own Easter Egg’s!!

What do Phillips adam and Kurt Cobain have in common?

They both used their brains to paint the ceiling