Cemetery Jokes

Why did the family get mad at the boy for eating at the funeral?

While trying to season his food, he mistook his cremated grandfather for salt.


So I went to my friends funeral today, As we were all leaving a kid put a get well soon card next to my friends grave ‘poor kid’


The other day I took my Grandma to one of those fish spas where the little fish eat your dead skin.

It was way cheaper than having her buried in the cemetery.


Guy walks to his friends house his friend says “where is your girlfriend” guy says meet me at the cemetery in a week

When you at a funeral and you laugh at the body...everyone stares and one person said isn ́t that your mom......?

You don't want to know why it takes so long to put a dead woman in a mass produced coffin in a pre buried grave dug by machinery, that is then filled by mourners.