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Sam is a kindergartener. One day, Sam’s teacher told him to learn the first few letters of the alphabet. Later that night, Sam asked his moody sister what the first letter of the alphabet was and she replied with “Oh what’s the point. Life is meaningless…”. Sam then went up to his room and found his brother crying on the floor. Sam asked him what the next letter was. “I hate you!” said sam’s brother, so Sam left the room. Sam went to his mom and asked her what the third letter was. “You stupid f*****” his mom yelled at him. So Sam went to ask his Grandpa what the fourth letter is and his grandpa didn’t reply, so Sam went to bed.

The next day, Sam’s teacher called on him to tell the class what the first letter is and he answered with “Oh what’s the point. Life is meaningless…” and the teacher sent him to the school counselor. As he left the room, he yelled at his teacher “I hate you!”

As Sam arrived at the counselors office she said she had called his parents and they wanted him to be safe and locked up in a padded cell. “You stupid f*****” Sam screamed as he heard the ambulance sirens getting nearer. As the ambulance drove away, Sam, in his straight jacket, was silent.

What do you call a pessimistic Mexican?

A Mexican’t.

What do you call the people in the challenger explosion.


What do you call a dead parrot ? Polygon

what do you call a sheep on steroids? A woolly Mammoth.

Why can’t they blonde call 911

Can she can’t find the 11

What do you call a a fight between an illegal immigrant and a pedophile? Alien vs Predator.

What do you call a Communist sniper? – A Marxman.

The teacher asked her class to use definitely in a sentence. Little Johnny raised his hand to answer, yet the teacher passed him and went on to Kevin. “The sky is definitely blue.” “Very good Kevin,but the sky can also be blue or black.” the teacher replied. Little Johnny raised his hand again as high as he could, yet the teacher passed right over him. And picked Annie from the back of the room. “The grass is definitely green.” “Very good Annie, but it can also be brown.” Little Johnny was waving his hand like crazy seeking her attention. Finally she called on him. “Mines more of a question, but do farts have lumps in them?” “Why no Johnny why would you ask such a question?” She questioned. “Well if they don’t have lumps in them, then I definitely just shit myself.”

What do you call a high school student? Alone and depressed.

What do you call disabled people that follow politics?

A special interest group.

What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? – A candy baa.

What do you call an asian kid who’s bad at math?

An orphan

what do you call a retard smoking weed? a baked potato

What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair?

Artifical Intelligence

What do you call 2 octopuses that look exactly the same? – Itenticle.

What do you call a nose without a body? – Nobody knows.

your mamas so fat, scientists found a new planet called Heranus

What do you call a gay threesome?

A Sloppy Joe

What do you call a gay drive by? A fruit roll up.