How ISS greets their friend. You the BOMB

My Japanese friend told me a Peral Harbor joke. I told him he bombed it.

wat did the orphans do when the bombs drop?

they said alakbar

Sally jumped out a plane, She forgot her parachute!

Knock knock

Whose there?

Not Sally…

How did she die?

A bomb came down whilst falling through the sky Knock knock

Whose there?

A bomb

Say joke 5 times.

oh, nothing happened.

Where are fart bombs made?

Old peoples arses!

How fast did Little Sally paint the barn red? As soon as the bomb exploded on her.

“You da bomb!” “No, you da bomb!”

In the US, a compliment. In the Middle East, an argument.

What do you call an afgan in the bath.A bath bomb

whats a similarity between harvey weinstein’s pants and american bombs?

They both drop unannounced and leave mass casualties

When the school shooter throws a smoke bomb into the classroom and the autistic kid thinks it’s a dance party.

Where did Alice go during the explosion?


I was talking to a close friend that was Islamic.

He said he was being shipped to an amazing training.

I asked “where are you going”

He said “Camp Bin Laden”

I asked “what do they do there”

He answered “they got bomb training and hand to hand combat training. Plus the got arts and crafts.”

I asked “what do you mean by arts and crafts?”

He said “see this towel on my head” I nodded “I made it out of boxer jokes”

Your the bomb a complement in the USA A argument In The Middle East

I was in a terriost a famous terriost group. No, not the Taliban. We called ourselves the Talabam.

Did you hear about the Boston marathon cause well I heard it was a blast and that it blew everyone away

Lil Johnny Looked A lil Bonny But then when he saw tommy he decided to bomb me

Sucicide bombers, carry bombs and remember to breath