My Japanese friend told me a Peral Harbor joke. I told him he bombed it.

wat did the orphans do when the bombs drop?

they said alakbar

Where did Alice go during the explosion?


Sally jumped out a plane, She forgot her parachute!

Knock knock

Whose there?

Not Sally…

How did she die?

A bomb came down whilst falling through the sky Knock knock

Whose there?

A bomb

Say joke 5 times.

oh, nothing happened.

Where are fart bombs made?

Old peoples arses!

I was talking to a close friend that was Islamic.

He said he was being shipped to an amazing training.

I asked “where are you going”

He said “Camp Bin Laden”

I asked “what do they do there”

He answered “they got bomb training and hand to hand combat training. Plus the got arts and crafts.”

I asked “what do you mean by arts and crafts?”

He said “see this towel on my head” I nodded “I made it out of boxer jokes”

Your the bomb a complement in the USA A argument In The Middle East

I was in a terriost a famous terriost group. No, not the Taliban. We called ourselves the Talabam.

Sucicide bombers, carry bombs and remember to breath

Did you hear about the Boston marathon cause well I heard it was a blast and that it blew everyone away

Germany: As long as America stay out of the war we should win. Japan: bombing pearl harbour Cowabunga It Is!!

Lil Johnny Looked A lil Bonny But then when he saw tommy he decided to bomb me