why is an iphone x perfect for an orphan? because it doesnt have a home button

What feature does an orphan’s phone not have? A home button.

why is the Iphone X the perfect phone for an orphan?

because there is no home button

Everyone’s always saying they’re so worried about America’s big button, the one that controls all the nuclear power. I’m not worried about that…I’m worried about the idiot on the end of it.

When Stephen Hawking was asked why he was instantly attracted to his new girlfriend he said " it’s simple , she pushes all the right buttons "

Friend: Why did you touch me? Me: That guy in the corner with no hair , glasses, really nice, white button up shirt, that drives a white van slow by school zones told me to and he would give me hard candy.

what did the policeman say to his belly button?


How do you blow up an Indian person?

You press the red button.

How does a kid with no arms or legs like a video on youtube when they say smash the like button? they literally smash the like button ‘‘uuuuuugghghhhgBANG’’

what is the one feature an orphan kid’s phone doesn’t have that mine does?A home button.

My daughter came home from school later then usual I was panicking then at 5:30pm she arrived not walking but in a bus 🚌 I asked where the hell did this bus come from! She said the garage in the alleyway mama I bought it for five gummies and eight buttons you like her she is called belle bus. My face was just:😑 how did u get the bus here she reply’s with a whisper I drove her through five gardens a house and two police cars! 🙃 so that explains why you have handcuffs on “yeah!”

I gave my friends some buttons To bad he couldn’t pull himself together.

A police officer said to a belly button you’re under abreast

how do you make Indians explode? press the red button

What did the police man say to his belly button?

Your under a vest!