What was the score of the basketball game in Africa?

Eight- nothing

A FED EX plane was carrying 375 fridges across Africa but the cargo door wasn’t shut properly but only 218 reached the desired destination. The rest landed in a remote village. How many fell out the plane?

Time’s up! You took too long you only had 4 seconds to answer it.

How do you put an elephant into the fridge that pushed out the cargo door?

Open the fridge, put the elephant in and close the door.

How do you put a giraffe into the fridge?

Open the fridge, take out the elephant. Then put in the giraffe and close the door.

Why did sally fall off the swing?

Because she got hit by the other 156 refrigerators.

How did she survive?

Her idiot mother tried to pull her out and accidentally ripped both her arms off. But she was rescued 8 minutes later.

Who discovered Africa? Africos Nandos

Which country is next to USA? USB

hey modda, I’m hungry

How do you get 1 million followers:


What the difference between a water bottle and Africa? One has water the other one doesn’t


You know how to get 10,000 followers? Run through Africa with a bottle of water.

How to get a 1000 followers on instagram?

Run through africa with a bottle of water.

would you like a peice of Africa? would you like to know way?because it’s a dessert/desert

What is a chicken’s favorite day of the week? Fri day.

Kenya believe it?

Abdi and Tunde is real

It isn’t a real charity until India open call centers, like they did with Africa.

what’s an africans favorite sport to play. but they can’t?

water polo

If you have sex and your African parents find out

“You can do the boom boom. But you can not do the boom boom in my house. Do it somewhere else.

Black people run fast

what is the fastest land animal? the last chicken in a Kenyan village