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Would you like to try African food??

They would too.

My mother wanted to test my responsibility and wanted me to cook dinner for the family to help mean understand how it feels to constantly cook for a whole family. So me with my horrible humor decided to make a giant joke for when dinner time came around and so I just got four plates and set them in front of my family and I then said, “Here you are a fine African meal.” then everybody looked at me in disappointment and then I continued to say, “what poor taste?”

Did you hear the scores of the African basketball game?

It was Eight-Nothing

What’s the difference between an American 12 yearold and an African 12 year old? About 40 pounds.

When you can’t have Chinese food because you don’t have any pets,

Just eat African food, you have plenty of neighbors!

Me: have you ever tried african food

You: no

Me: they haven’t either

At least Africans don’t have to worry about food critics

What’s the difference between sand and food??? Africans have plenty of sand.

In communist Russia there is no discrimination. White, black, African, American, British and Asian. They all go to Gulag eventually

The W in African stands for water

for 15 cents a day you can feed an African child they eat spare change i guess

H a L O,B R u D a S, M Y,n À M E , B A D A B E E Y E A B O L A M A Z A Q A N B O W A. I,F O r T y, A Y t ,Y E a R,M A N;F R O M "S O M o L i A,S O r Y,F o R,B à D,E N G L À N D. I, S O L D,M y,W i F E, F o R,I N T E r N E T ,C O n N e C T , A N d , I, Am , L E V E L , T H O R T E e N , I n , R O b L À C K S , I F , Y o U , W à N T, t o , G et , B À T t à R , i N , R O B L À C K S , C O N T À c T , M e , A t , G M à i L @ B O R à K O O B à M À , S e N D , M E , y E r , B à N k , À k O u N t , I n f I r M a T O N ; A n D, P a S s W à R d . T h A N , I , W e L L , G i V e , U , A L L . T h E , C O T T O N , u , D E s I R e . S O r R Y , F o R , B à D , S P à L L i N G , I , K i N D à R G À r D À N , D R o P O u T &

How many South Africans does it take to change a lightbulb? A Brazilian

why did the girl fall off the swing… coz she had no arms bants hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

I don’t see why Africans complain about not having water, they have free chocolate milk.

All these African jokes ain’t funny when you are a lover of Africa, how are there still Africans alive? Y’all are racist and may God forgive you… You know we rich with natural resources that’s why y’all come to steal from us… Shame on you ALL

what do u call a mosquito in your language we dont call them the they just come and bight

Have you ever had African water??

Neither have they

lets play roblox my name is xX_RobloxGamer420Pro_xX

how many africans does it take to change a light

a water bottle

why are some people African?

because genes you dummy

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

Don’t worry nether have they.

where do whales get weighed… the whalewaystation bants ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahashahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

What does a South African batman wear? A cape.

American- I’ve never shot a gun African- That’s the first coming from an American