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What was the epileptic chef’s house special? Seizure salad.

the earth is not round . please like and subscribe

So apparently, Hitler’s dad was quite the abusive fellow, always beating his son.

Guess that’s why he’s called (Hit)ler.

Did u hear an out the guy who made knock knock jokes ? He won the no bell prize

A man walks into a bar, and says “OUCH”.

We were at a restaurant today and my dad was talking about a place called Sea Ranch. I asked, “what do they raise there? Sea horses?”

Roses are red, Violets are violet.

Did you here about the needle and thread shop? - never mind it was needel-ess

When you mix a wizard, a rabbit, and a songwriter together, you get 24 carrot magic.

What is your true crush? - A soda crush

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts make a right.

Getting a book on pasta? Yes. Just imagine the pastabillites there are!

Why did the chicken cross the road…it was running away from Kernel Sanders. Hehehe

What did the plug hole say to the plug we are so in sink.🤣

I left my dog at home once and when I came home it was a mess, lets say I was in a RUFF situation

Breaking News! a plane crashes into a bridge

never joke about 911 they’ll just crash and burn

I like whiteboards There quite re-markable

What is the difference between a nicely dressed man on a tricycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle? A tire (A tire as in clothes and the tire? U get it? no? I’m lonely. add me on Xbox: DECIMUS PAX)