Punch Jokes


if you're ever bored, punch an orphan. what are they gonna do? tell their parents?

so fat

in Fat

your mama is so fat 1 punch man had to punch twice



warning this is dark

how do u knock out 26 kids in one punch give em a sandy hook


I’d tell a joke about my abusive dad but I only remember the punch line.


in Roast

Boi you can't be talking because it someone punched you in the face you will be the one to apologize


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A man walks into a bar and sees a jar of ten dollar bills so he asks the bartender if its a jar of tips. The bartender says no, its for a bet. So the man asks what the bet is and the bartender says, well if you put ten dollars into the jar then knock out the bouncer, next you go outside and remove a rotten tooth out of the rottweiler's mouth, and last you go upstairs and give an orgasm to the fat lady who has never had one. If you can do all those things then you get everything in the jar as well as free drinks for the month. So the guy puts in ten dollars, turns to the guy next to him and knocks him out with one punch. Then the guy continues outside, all you hear for an hour is screaming and whining from the dog, when all is silent the man walks in and asks, so where is the fat lady with the tooth?



i don't need a punch in karens are the only joke i need


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technoblade says, punch an orphan. what are they gonna do, tell their parents?

Chuck Glisson

Yo mama is so stupid that she thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer!


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Bored? Punch an orphan! Who're they gonna tell, their parents?

Dark Hub Community

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How to cure boredom:

If your bored, punch an orphan. What are they gonna do? Tell there parents?


in Hairline

Your hairline so far back that if you wore yellow people would think you were one punch man


in Roblox

Bully: ur momma so fat that the whales said we r family even though ur a little bigger tah us

Nerd: yo momma so ugly tat when she went in the bathtub the water jumped out


tom king

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a kid told me to go get a dad so I punched the kid he went to tell his parents oh wait he can't cause hes an orphan and orphans have no parents


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Punch a orphan what are they gonna do tell their parents



Why is it ok to punch an orphan? What're they gonna do, tell their parents?


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Science experts say when your get mad,punch and orphan what are they going to do tell there parents?