What did the wind say to the palm tree? Hold onto your nuts this is no ordinary blow job.

a boy walks in on his mother riding his father. “What are you doing?”, the boys asks his mother. “I’m jumping on daddy to make him thin”,said the mother. Don’t bother", said the boy," when you go shopping, the lady next door comes and blows him up again"

JFK was one of the most open-minded presidents. It really blows my mind how great he was.

I told my friend that someone accused him of blowing dead bears. I said I defended him by responding that I saw 1 get up and walk away.

What’s the difference between a suicide bomber and puberty?

Puberty waits the blow up

Once there were these two fruitcakes driving in their Pink Porsche. “Oh this handles so well !” they exclaimed. Then this Mack truck came around the corner at their stop sign and rear ended them. Passenger said to his partner. " You tell that man he’s gonna pay every single cent cuz we’re going to sue him !" So the flamer gets out and swishes to tell the trucker to do that very thing. The trucker was a tough who said “What do you want wimp? " The gay said ,” You just hit our new Pink Porsche and we’re gonna make you pay every single cent cuz we’re gonna sue you!" The trucker said " Oh yeah ? Blow me ! " Gay driver went " Ohhh!" And ran back. Gay partner asked him " What did he say ?" His fruitcake driver said " Ohhh! Its wonderful, he wants to settle out of court !"

Why is my dick like a balloon?

The more you blow it, the bigger it gets.

What’s the difference between a paycheck and your penis? You don’t have to beg your wife to blow up the paycheck…

what does a blondie and a shotgun have in common? give them a cock and there ready to blow.

A guy walks into a mosque … then blows up.

Muslims love to exaggerate, that’s why they always blow things up.

One did one male whale say to the other male whale? She’s gonna blow!

How do you blow up an Indian person?

You press the red button.

What did the poo say to the fart: You blow me away

I like women how I like my hair dryer, locked in a closet most of the time, and only being used to blow me dry

Hurricane Irma, it blows.

He huffed and he puffed but istead or blowing the house, he chocked it down with his mom

Why do women fart when they pee to blow dry

What’s wrong with 89? You blow me and I owe you one

How long does it take to blow up a baby in the microwave?

I don’t know I close my eyes when I masterbate…