if you’re ever bored, punch an orphan. what are they gonna do? tell their parents?

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i wouldnt want to punch batman

Dude thats wrong

Dude that's great

That's really wrong

They'll tell an adult though

No they’ll tell the police! :D

Sonic says punch an orphan too!

Alternatively you could break a mute person's hands


Wow they can tell a adult but who cares enough to do something

My pastime lol

they deserve it

That’s messed up

Yeesh can people take a joke it is called morbid jokes for a reason. also that is hilarious told a grown up though did not end well if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i told my da- wait..

lol but its wrong


I got to say I like what I see

wow just wow

dude thats so wrong whats wrong with you

if i was an orphan i'd fight back nobody's gonna punch me and get away with it thats not how i role homie!

Omfg some of you people are stupid as fuck. Literally you're on a site about morbid jokes, you've read up to the fifth page don't go throwing your moral beliefs in our faces to make you feel better about the fact that you're reading this. You're reading this shit too, so stop trying to act all noble it's literally pathetic.

im an orphan and if someone punched me id beat the shit out of them

Oh PUNCH. I thought that you wrote PUMP. -Boy am I embarrassed, and he won't sit for a week.

XD oh goddesses no

Baby girl you couldn't punch somebody if it was Hellen Keller.

i hope that everyone who found these jokes funny is severely punished by God. Amen.

What if they just have dark humor? You know it's bad to wish someone bad {To human}

its funny but also fucked up

Me: Sees orphan crying Also me: SHUT UP -punches- this is a joke obviously

People are so rude these days



........................ this is so bad

-Technoblade 2021

Best person here is Human!

I think if that happened to me then I would say yeah imma tell my parents that there’s company coming over

yeah just cuz there orphans doesnt mean u have to make fun of them or make their life harder. plus just cuz they are orphans doesnt mean they arnt weak my G.

Put more orphan jokes!!!

you shouldnt...what if it is you???!!!

good advise

That's to far

its funny but wrong

@deez nutz so true

that is just sad!

this has the most dislikes but alos a lot up likes lmao


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