Three men are outside Heaven’s gates waiting to be go to through Heaven. The angel at the gate tells them “Depending on the length of time and your faithfulness to your last partner decides your way across the bridge to Heaven”.

The first guy says “I was with my wife for 5 years and cheated 3 times”. The angel gives him an old model pick up, the second guy says “11 years and only once” and is granted a Mercedes.

The last man says “20 years and not once , I loved her with all my heart” and with the angel impressed he gets a gold edition Lamborghini and sets off ahead of the other two men. Hours later the two men catch up to him crying behind the wheel and one says " I know we are dead but it could be much worse".

The guy looks up and says “How! I just went past my wife on a skateboard”

A Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel attached to his dick. The Bartender asks him why And the Pirate says: Argh, It’s driving me nuts.

What do you call Stephen Hawking on fire?

Hot wheels.

What does a cannibal call a wheelchair user? – Meals on wheels.

How does Hellen Keller drive?

With one hand on the wheel and the other on the road.

I was sitting with my little brother when he was about four-ish. He was starting to really like to identify objects for some reason, so he was showing me his toys. He grabbed his toy Mator truck and then pointed to the wheels, saying, “These are wheels.” I said, “Good job, yes they are.” Then he pointed to the bumper and said, “This is a bumper.” Again, I congratulated him. Then, he grabbed the toy’s wire with the hook at the end and said, “And this is a hooker.” I died laughing.

What’s green and has wheels? Grass, I lied about the wheels

What do you do after your girlfriend with two broken legs dumps you?

Take her wheel chair, she’ll come crawling back.

A pirate walked into a bar with his ship’s steering wheel hanging off his pants. The bartender says, “Hey! What’s with the steering wheel?” The pirate says, “I don’t know but it’s driving me nuts!”

Stephen Hawking:

Q: Who Made Stephen Hawkins Wheel Chair ?

A:) Tesla

How do they execute paraplegics With the electric wheel chair

What was the last thing that went through Princess Diana’s mind

The steering wheel

What was the last thing that crossed Princess Diana’s mind? The steering wheel.

Why is the wheel the best invention?

Becuase it’s wheely wheely great!

John say a Gay in a wheel chair

“I didn’t know a man could be a fruit and a Vegetable”

What does a broken down vegetable say? I need new wheels.

How did the blind Catholic get in a car crash? He asked Jesus to take the wheel.

“Wheel” all miss him, right?

What’s green and has wheels?

Grass. I lied about the wheels.

What’s black and has wheels? Black wheels.

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