What do u call a person with only one arm? Half-assed

*a married woman gets hit by a truck and the cops tell her husband Cop: sir, it looks like your wife’s been hit by a truck Man; I know but she has a great personality

Why are you so tired if you can’t see? Cuz you are blind

Once I went to a museum and over heard someone speaking to an employee for information.

“These are lying clocks, they tell how many lies a person tells.”

“oh cool”

“this is mother Teresa’s clock, the clock hasn’t moved because she never lied.”

“Makes sense”

“This is Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands only moved twice indicating he only lied twice.”

“Where’s Trump’s clock”

“Oh, we’re using it as a ceiling fan.”

And then I burst out laughing 'cause it’s so true.

What do you calla person that inherits a lot of money?

A millionheir.

Joker: How did the skeleton know it was going yo rain?

Person: Because he felt it in his bones?

Joker: He read the weather forcast you f*cking idiot.

So a guy walks into gas station and walks to the person working and says “can I have a kitcat chuncky” so she gets him one and then he says “no I want a normal kitcat you fat bitch”.

The person to make the first cannabinol cook book had a wife and ate (eight) children

The teacher says to do your homework. I do. my friends do. one person never does any of his homework.

eventually we had to have fun. He said he didn’t do it. WOW what did he do? I like to think he got smacked and nearly commit suicide.

what do you call a person with a a in there in autisim

What do you call a person with one arm one leg one eye and one ear ONESY “Hey dad how do you kill a star?” -give them drugs

Person 1: Hey did you here about the circus fire? Person 2: No. Person 1: it was in-tents

when a person is thinking of a high number in Roblox -smashes keyboard-

When your friend gets involved with someone it affects the friendship when ever a friend of mine has a new girlfriend ,we should say I looked like the person you used to know but I’ve been modified to survive in this relationship if we have an argument and she’s there I might disagree with you I’d rather countinue to see her naked.

whats the diffrence between a homeless person and a car only one gets fuel

What Do You Sing On a Dead Person’s Birthday? Happy Death-Day To You

I’d make a joke about an obese person, but it won’t work out.

me:hi Jaiden bully/Jaiden harper:leave me alone weirdo me:wow says the one who didn’t pass 3RD grade bully/Jaiden harper:"hits" me:calls fbi and puts on gloves and stabs random person then gives knife to Jaiden and takes off gloves"bye bye" fbi:“FBI OPEN UP!!!”

a guy saw a person with a duck and said "where did you get a pig" the owner replied "its not a pig dummy" the random guy said “i wasn’t talking to you,i was talking to the duck”

why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the gay persons house! knock knock (whos there) the chicken