when my friend says I suck. at something I’m like u swollow

What is dumb yo mama you dumb stupid idiot

What is it called if your mom does not make it to your birth… an abortion.

whats yellow all over and can’t swim

a school busful of children

come on guys PLEEEEASE lets [play roblod my name is xX_robloxGamer420Po_Xx

why is lani jesus? go die

How do you fit three flags on a bar stool? Flip it over

what did the phedophile say to the kids.


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duck my sick

I lost my bag. :(

guys go ot https://worstjokesever.com/jokes/5b3937c1a328f6072c316bd6/hey-guys-who-wants-to-play-roblox-with-me-we-can-go-om-cool-maps-my-name-is-xx_robloxgamer420_xx-pleeease-lets-play-rol and read the whole thing becaus i need peopel ti play with and everyone is being a retarded thanks guys goo bye

I have a p..... How’s that for a f...ing joke. It’s not a joke. It’s terrible. 500 thumbs down and I’ll lop off my dick with a razor.

who delete my stuff??? woooow you racist just because i hispacin


deez nuts

“got Eem”


my life

guess what sucks

my life