Santa said my mom was good… But she is on the naughty list

When you pull out but the baby’s face turns blue

What do you call diareah from a hot woman Chocolate milk What do you call diarrhoea from a fat woman Arsenic

shaenaya is single 16 and looking for a 30 year old man that can pleasure her hhu

my life !

why does adam sleep early so his mum and stepdad can f... on his bed


Three guys are escaping from North Korea through a tunnel. The guards know that they are coming and will shoot them with paintball guns as a warning. The guys show up and the guards shoot them. The guys die because the guards used real guns.

whats worse than aaron with downsyndrome aaron with a rope


What’s the first thing that a battered woman does when she gets out of the shelter? My last if she knows what’s good for her.

What’s long black and sticky.

A stick

Sim a is proof cats don’t always land on their feet

In mario, it is called a zoomba, but if it was real, it would be boomba

what sayd the man to the woman??

go to the kitchen lol

A man and a cow walk into a McDonalds, and the man walks up to the front counter and says “I’d like one beef burger.” The employee of McDonalds said “Sure thing sir, also I really like to see your cow, may I bring him into the back room really quick to show my co-workers?” The man says “Sure.” The employee takes the cow into the back room. A couple minutes later the employee came back with his burger. The man took a bite of it, and released his cow was gone.

If your having a bad day just remember the Blobfish exists

Here in I hop, we serve pancakes not pie cakes if so we can always bring in a chart that will Power the customer, his smile will remain at its current form, and police surely resisted when I said the word surely.