Abortion clinic

Abortion Clinic Jokes

What's worse than locking your keyes in the car in front of an abortion clinic?

Having to go back inside and ask to borrow a hanger.


You wanna know how to get rid of potential scam callers?

Next time you get a call from them just answer the phone and say "Pizza Hut abortion clinic where yesterday's loss is today's sauce, how may I help you?"

What did the house painter ask when he went to the abortion clinic? Where do you keep the cans of paint?


The next time you get a sack call pick up the phone and say “welcome to Pete’s pizzeria and abortion clinic your loss is next weeks sauce how may we help you

Why did the shark fisherman stop at the abortion clinic? Because dead babies make the best chum! :)


ahem.. if somebody you dont like, or somebody random just calls you in general,

answer the phone with this

Hello thank you for choosing mamas pizzeria/ abortion clinic, your loss is our sauce how may i help you?


hello this is davids orphanage you make them we take them how may i help you?

some people reactions are priceless and then the wonder about you mental health

when your wife gets pregnet and you dont want a kid just come on down to momma mias pizzareia and abortion clinic!