Michael Jackson Jokes


what does Michael Jackson and an Xbox have in common?

there both turned on by kids


What do Micheal Jackson and Tesco carrier bags have in common? They’re both made out of plastic and harmful to children


Why was Michael Jackson, kicked out of boy scouts? He was up to a pack a day!!


why dose Michael Jackson have such a hard time playing chess? he cant choose between black or white.

camel toe

why was michael jackson fired as a guitar teacher because he fingerd a minor

Crack raider

What did the lady say to mickel jacson on the beech?exscuse me sir but your in my sun

Dad Vicky text my nunber2567942056

Why can’t Michael jackson win a race Because he’s always coming in a lil behind


Why did Michael Jackson go to Walmart? Because he heard boys pants were half off!

Victor Greywolf

What is Michael Jackson’s favroite game? Jacks. Why? He loved to play with the little balls.


What did Mickey mouse, and Michael Jackson have in common? : (What don’t they have in common) Same red shorts, theme park in their backyard, white glove, soft voices, loved children, they both were black with white faces,


I can do a very good Michael Jackson impersonation , I just need a kid who can keep a secret


What did the lady say to michael jackson at the beach? Excuse me, your in my sun(son)


Why can’t Michael Jackson play chess because he doesn’t know if he is black or white

Niki minaj

POV:someone stole micheal jacksons baby: he he stole my bab he he


What brand of paint Michael Jackson use to paint Neverland Ranch? Dutch Boy.

Gobely gourd

Micheal Jackson’s nose is so steep it can be a ski ramp

in Nonce

What do Evil Kinevil and Michael Jackson have in common? Both have skidmarks on their helmets.


What did Michael Jackson say to the little boy?Shhhhhhh this might hurt a little.

Anynomous Prime

How are laundry and michael jackson related? They both got bleached!


What is harder than steel.

Michael Jackson on a primary school oval.😂