Michael Jackson Jokes


What did the girls on the beach say to Michael Jackson Could you move your in my son


What are Michael Jackson’s sexual pronouns? HEE HEE


what’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a carrier bag? One is plastic and dangerous for kids to play with, and the other is a carrier bag.


What did Santa Claus brought Michael Jackson for Christmas ? His elf’s 😂😂😂


what does Michael Jackson saw when he stubs his toe?



What’s does Michael Jackson and a Playstation have in common ? Their both made of plastic and children turn them on

What are Michael Jackson´s Pronouns ? He He


What touches kids and is made out of plastic? Michael Jackson here hee

What do you call being run over by Michael Jackson?

Being hit by… Being struck by… A smooth criminal

Niki minaj

micheal jackson goes to his favourite bakery: says to the workers " this is my favourite baker hehe


What did the mother say to Micheal J o. The beach? Excuse me sir but you’re in my son

Big Dick daddy 27

Why does Michael Jackson do positions with kids in Photos because they won’t do the same for him

Silly Gal

Where did Michael Jackson go to college? Bring 'em Young.

Crap hole

WY is the captain from sponge Bob and Michael Jackson so similar… They both say a you ready kids

I’m baaad

How do you know when it’s bedtime at Michael Jackson’s house?

The big hand is on the little hand!


Whats harder then titanium Michael Jackson at the playground


What do Michael Jackson and Pinocchio have in common ? They both lie over little boys 😂

Did you hear they think Michael Jackson died from food poisoning, he ate 12 year old nuts and a 13 year old wiener

What’s black and white, black and white, black and white? Michael Jackson