Hope Jokes

So guys, I have a friend, who is named Sarah, and I was riding bikes with her the other day, and she told me she is gay. I totally support her, I love that she is open about it and not scared to tell people about it. I hope you guys can support her too! I love you all! :)))

I asked a girl I met if I could take her out to dinner The joke is I new right after she said I'll call you She was lying to me, not surprised even a little The next joke was a part of me hoped she would call , but did I really think she was going to, I'll never be good enough for anyone, what was I thinking, why did I even bother to ask her in the first place, I think it was just to prove I was right , I'm unwanted LONELINESS EQUALS SADNESS

Mrs. Kadie- I heard about this Mr. Beast Video about Veggie Burgers. I hope that you didn't trick me again Mr., Beast- Today we're gonna be eating a Hot tender Burger Mrs. Kadie- OMG he didn't say vegan Viewers- HAHAHA WE TRICKED YOU Mrs. Kadie- That's it Mr. Beast we're gonna pour Blood on your face Mr. Beast& Chandler- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!1!

me and my suicidal friend are close, so i took him to the mall to treat him. we bought snacks, a new controller for his xbox and a led lights for him room to hopefully brighten his mood. after we scanned the last item, the machine beeped by itself.

These people who are offended by rape jokes don’t even understand humour, they think of humour as like a happy thing because humour makes us laugh and laughter makes us happy, but most of the jokes that we laugh at are filled with pain and suffering, if I take a joke like , how many police officers does it take to change a light bulb, none they just beat the room for being black, now that joke isn’t make light of the fact that people have marched in the civil rights movement and people have been racial discriminated against, it’s not making light of those, what it’s doing is it’s taking that pain and suffering and making you transcend it for a moment, and showing the absurdity of the human mind and that is important, humour at its best takes the bad thing in this world that are painful and hard to deal with and makes it something funny

And before you go in the comments and say i agree with rape, I don’t, I hope everybody who rapes someone to have there dick cut of, my little sister got fucking raped when she was six, and the guy is lucky he got caught by the police and not me cause if I caught I would have fucking killed him, so I don’t agree with rape, but I still think rape jokes should still not be taken so seriously!

People keep telling me they hope Kenny never has kids. I don't think that's a worry. His mom is much too old to get pregnant.

Gemini, it is you who is trying to start such a big mess for no reason. I never said it had a charm or a lead roll. I just want love and spread kindness. PS: I use my brain. I use it all the time. Just for your information. I just hope we can be friends.


Sometimes I look at someone I hate and think "I hope you get laid tonight." By a tweaker with AIDS.

not a joke but i hope the ones who are making jokes abt mexicans are Mexican themselves lmao cuz if ur not uh...i think we both know what you are 😟

I hope you see this plugin, but if your listing to this I really want to give you a little more...

I hope I'm not a big pain, but Jordan C, please stop bothering me about my age! I know I am 8 years old, but enough. Then you make jokes about how smart I am and intimidate me because of my name. I don't remember intimidating you for anything. So please, with all due respect, stop.

PS It's not for drama, it's because you're bullying me for nothing. I come here just to joke or be nice to people, not for the drama. So please again. Stop. That is all I ask.

Thank you.


A priest and a nun are traveling across the desert on a camel and when all the sudden the camel dies. They’re in the middle of the desert with no hope of rescue when that night the priest thinks to himself that he can’t die a virgin. He looks over at the nun and pulls out his penis. The nun says father what is that? He says this sister is the wand of life. The nun says good, now go stick it in that camels ass and let’s get the hell outa here!

Hey Guys I haven't been on in like freaking forever! Sorry. Anyways I love you emrald :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I hope your on!

Love you all. Hope you all have a nice day, Best regards Koko, <3

hello, this is Godlygirl26. i want to help people with their problems no matter what. there is nothing that god cannot do. i want yall to know that God is with you. not any of those stone or wood "gods" but a true , loving,, powerful God. dm this right here and i will answer. hope i can help you! Love , Godlygirl26