Did you know that Helen Keller has a swing in her backyard? Neither did she

What do you call Helen Keller in a pitch black, sound proof room? Redundant.

What did Helen Keller do when she fell down a well? Screamed till her hands fell off.

Why was Helen Keller’s leg yellow? Her dog was blind too.

How do you punish Hellen Keller? you stick a toilet plunger in the toilet

Why cant Helen Keller have kids? It went up to far

Why did Helen Keller’s boyfriend have wax on his finger? Because he was whispering sweet nothings into her ear!

Q: why cant helen keller drive? A: because shes a woman

Heard the Helen Keller single?

It’s called ERRRRRAGHHH!!!

Do you know where Hellen Keller lives? Neither does she

Why can’t Helen Keller drive? Because she’s a woman… no other reasons besides that.

Why does Hellen Keller loom in the toilet after taking a poop? Nobody knows!

Why did helen keller’s dog kill it’s self? I would to if all I heard was daaaaaaah!

Why was Hellen Keller a bad driver? She was a woman.

Also I have the same Birthday as her so I have the pass.

Why did Helen Keller walk in on someone in the bathroom? Because she didn’t know it was the bathroom

How does Helen Keller say dad? I don’t know but you should ask her… wait never mind she can’t talk.

Everyone gangster till Helen Keller hits a 3 on you.

What’s Helen Kellers favourite colour? Corduroy.

How do you punish Helen keler just move the couch

why can’t helen keller drive cause shes already dead