Everyone gangster till Helen Keller hits a 3 on you.

Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers kid have ears? She gave it it’s first hair cut!

Q:What was hellen kellers favorite game as a kid A:musical chairs

Why did Helen Keller walk in on someone in the bathroom? Because she didn’t know it was the bathroom

How did helen keller burn the side of her head? she answered the iron How’d she burn the other side? They called back

why cant Helen Keller drive. Because she’s a women no seriosly why can’t she drive. Because she’s dead.

What did Hellen Keller do when she fell in a hole.

She screamed until her hands got tired.

How did helen kellers parents punish her?

By rearranging the furniture

Did you know that Helen Keller had a dog?

Well neither did she!!!

How does Helen Keller say dad? I don’t know but you should ask her… wait never mind she can’t talk.

Why did you scream? Oh… Hellen Keller she tried to cook… 😨

Why do you joke about Helen Keller? She was a good person and she learned sign language and learn to talk. So Why DO YOU MAKE FUN OF HER!

why was Helen kellers belly button bruised? her boyfriend was blind too.

Why did Helen Keller’s dog run away? You would too if your name was “Raraaaughhaugh”.

How do you punish Hellen Keller? you stick a toilet plunger in the toilet

Why cant Helen Keller have kids? It went up to far

Why is Helen Kellers child blind too? She always fed it with a fork!

why did helen keller wear skin tight pants?

so you could read her lips

How do you punish Hellen Keller? Leave the plunger in the toilet

Heard the Helen Keller single?

It’s called ERRRRRAGHHH!!!

So Helen Keller walked into a bar, then a stool, then a table, then a door…