So one day I was walking home from school with my best friend sally. She was worried to get home because she was going to tell her mom that bob the class rep got her pregnant a eight months ago and now it was obvious she was pregnant. So I said “sally it’ll be ok I’m sure she’ll be happy to get a grandson” “yeah thanks suzy” she said to me then went into her house. The next few weeks she didn’t show up to school so I was like oh she must be in trouble with her mom I’ll go check on her So I walk up to her house and her mom answers with a baby boy in her hands “oh hello. Is that Sally’s son!! Can I see sally?” Her mom says sure and I go inside but she leads me to the backyard and I see a tombstone “here lies sally 2004-2020” so I ask her mom in tears “oh did she not make it through the birth?” And her mom replied “you could say that…”

Why wasn’t the cheese 🧀 happy?

It was blue 😔.

A man asked another man if he was happy with his marriage, he replied," Yes I’m very happy. We go on date night every week. The other man asked when? She goes on wednesday and I go on thursday

A happy mother : " Why is your sister so quiet!?!, AND HOW DID YOU GET SUPER GLUE STUCK ON YOUR PENIS!?!"

A happy little girl was running on the grass, she saw two gay guys kissing in a blank space and she started crying, the two gay guys heard her crying and then they asked her: " why are you crying? ", the little girl answered: " this is the first time i see an unnatural nature " . 😂😂😂😂

What time do you think 🤔 dogs 🐶 are not happy 😆? Bulldogs

Here are some skeleton jokes
You know the average person tries to hard and works himself to the bone If that joke didn’t tickle your funny bone i can give you a real humerous joke I used to play the trumpet now i play the xylo-bone im always happy nothing gets under my skin I made you some turkey for lunch Bone appetit Im glad i had you im no longer bonely Ive got a skele-ton of more jokes but i’m just giving you one more Did you hear about the skeleton ninja he was very skullful (skillful)

When someone pops up in your life making you all happy, you be like, "Who sent you??

guy feels something on his back “oh god, please let that be a rifle” “Nope. I’m just real happy to see you”

whats the diffrent’s between a happy family and a car guy, only one has a family

Mozart doesn’t care if bach is the better than him at least he puts a lot of emotion he make’s people happy

My childhood tormentor was at school. I walked through so I could get to class. And then he said, “Hey you donkey.” I said, "Thank you, I’m so happy that I’m something, not nothing like you. And I gave him a pink lollipop. He walked off. And I became popular. Or should I say, Lolli-Popular. Sorry

yo mama so ugly she made happy meals cry

A man had moved to a new contry with his dog and with basic understanding of the language. One day he heard people talking about a place for dogs, so he took his dog there telling he wanted his dog to be groomed. The man behind the counter responded with “yes happy dog, come back in little hours” so the man left and came back a couple hours later when he asked about his dog he was given a box of jerky he found out “happy dog” was the name of the place where dogs become food.

I was in a toxic relationship . After some time my girlfriend died, her name was happy . Still got no clue of her body and here i am lying on the bed so fucking happy.

The difference between women and beer is that beer makes you happy for nothing why women make you angry for nothing

Flip 1134 over on a calculator.

Happy holidays.

What did one ☝️ cat 🐈 say to the other? Happy 😃

Why Am I Happy? I’m Dead

You know the difference between happy tailgators and angry tailgators?

Happy tailgators know how to throw a party.