Enjoyment Jokes


If you say to someone “have a nice day!” It will make them happy. If you say, “Enjoy the next 24 hours” They’ll be terrified.

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These jokes are fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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Are you enjoying my yolks. I bet there making you crack up. If not, I better scrammble


I saw a beautiful homeless girl and asked if I could take her out on a date. She politely accepted and enjoyed herself. Soon after I asked if I could take her home, she smiled and nodded her head. Her smile disappeared when she saw me running away with her cardboard box.

Abby Green

Stephen was a great person, and he will be greatly missed but I enjoy these jokes too much to not stop


Three sons left home, went out into the world and each of them made a lot of money. During a reunion, they discussed the gifts they’d given to their elderly mum.

‘I built a big house for our mum,’ said the first.

‘I sent her a Mercedes, with a chauffeur,’ said the second.

And the third smiled and said, ‘I think my gift was the best. You know how much mum enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know that her eyes aren’t so good anymore? Well, I sent her a remarkable cockatoo that recites the entire Bible, both old and new testaments. It took a priest twelve years to teach him. That cockatoo is the only one in the world that can do it. All mum has to do is name the chapter and verse, and the cockatoo recites it.’

A few days later, mum sent out her thankyou letters. She wrote to the first son,

‘The house you built is so enormous that I only live in one room. The trouble is, I have to clean the whole house.’

To the second son she said, ‘I’m far too old to travel anymore. I stay at home most of the time, so I’ve hardly used the Mercedes. In any case, the driver is so rude.’

To the third son she wrote ‘Dearest Freddie. You have the good sense to know what your mum likes. The chicken was delicious!’

billy teh noot

What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy?

Gang rape.


What’s the difference between a doctor and a pedophile?

The doctor doesn’t enjoy giving physicals

Possibly a rabbit

“Have a nice day” and “enjoy the next 24 hours” mean the same thing but one sounds like a threat


According to statistics 5 of 6 people enjoy gang rape.

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whats the difference between an orphan and a puppy parents enjoy the presents of a puppy

Happy land for kids!
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Happy land for kids Hello guys imagine if we had no school and we get to do whatever we want with out parents telling us what to do! What place would you want to call it and what would the fun things we get to do be? I would call “Happy world for kids”. Leave a comment telling me what it be called! enjoy! :)


Hi guys, so today I have not thought of a joke, and I’m not really sure what to do so I thought I would do kinda a blog sort of thing so hope you enjoy and you don’t have to read this!

So I woke up this morning and heard this weird noise and it was my dad building me a new gymnastics bar so I can have uneven bars which I am so excited about! And I am so glad that you guys have been nice and liking my jokes and stuff but also, make sure to comment below if you want to tell me what kind of jokes you want and what you want me to do and also, feel free to talk to me! Love y’all!!!

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I done a thing were we have chat hangouts with people that like gwen or just want to hang out do stuff.

All people are in vited

we have alot! Enjoy


It’s statistically proven that 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape

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A Priest and a Rabbi walk into a bar. These two have been great friends for over 20 years…play golf together…and meet every Tuesday at a classy bar for a glass of wine…talk about golf…good wine and spiritual matters. One day while at the bar enjoying a glass of merlot, the Rabbi raises his glass of wine and says to his long time friend…“brother, do you believe Jesus turned water into wine?”…the Priest thinks for a moment and raises his glass of wine and replies…"yes brother, I do believe Jesus turned water into wine…but don’t get excited…since Jesus was Jewish, the wine was probably Manischewitz "

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why do people enjoy orphan jokes! lol… I LOVE IT >: )

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Jack quietly crawled through Jill’s bedroom window, trying not to make a single noise. She sat on her bed, her back facing him. Jack tiptoed up behind her, laid his hands on her shoulders and said, in a rather sensual tone,


“Jack!” She yelled, “what are you doing here?”

Jack sat down next to her and smiled.

“I figured today was a good day to maybe go up to the hill?” He said.

“That sounds fun,” said Jill.

“C’mon, let’s go!”

The kids climbed down from Jill’s second story window. The frolicked around in the fields, hair swaying in the wind, as they neared the nearby hill. Jack took Jill’s hand, and they skipped up to the very top of the hill. They sat down on the bright green grass and giggled.

“You ready?” Asked Jack

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Jill replied with a wink.

Jack laid his hand on Jill’s chest, softly pushing her onto her back. He got down on his knees, and bent down to the bottom of her dress.

“I’ve waited a long time for this…” he whispered.

Jack slowly pulled up Jill’s dress with one hand, running the other up her thigh. His anticipation was building faster and faster. He looked her in the eyes as he slowly pulled down her panties. Once they were all the way off, he turned his head downward. His mouth opened, his eyes went wide. Jack was speechless. Before he could say anything, Jill slammed his head down, gagging him with her giant cock. She sat up as she slammed his head up and down. Jack began to feel dizzy as he gagged and coughed.

“Silly Jack, didn’t you know? I’m not Jill. I never was. My name’s Randy. You’re mine now, Jack. So sit back, enjoy the ride.” Said Randy.

Randy moved Jack’s head faster and faster as he threw his head back. It was coming, fast. All of a sudden, he stopped. Jack’s head stood still as his mouth became a fountain of white, drizzling all over Randy’s legs and onto the grass. Randy let go and Jack jumped back, spitting and trying to get it all out of his mouth. Just as the dizziness began to fade, Randy walked over. The last thing Jack saw was Randy’s fist hurtling towards him…

Saoirse Corin Conn
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Why did the duck not enjoy his restaurant date?

Because he didn’t want to see the bill.


A good bath is like a dead lover.

You can enjoy them, that is until they get too cold.