So a guy walks into gas station and walks to the person working and says “can I have a kitcat chuncky” so she gets him one and then he says “no I want a normal kitcat you fat bitch”.

why did the blonde run outside naked? she thought the steam was a gas leak

Jeffery Dahmer has two things, an RV and a pit.

What is different about the two is that one can’t move and one has gas

But what is similar is tha-

Wait, what is Jeffery doing? He has a knife, he is pulling men’s pants down, he is…OH SHIT WHAT THE F-

Sorry bout that…

Now as i was saying

What is similar about the two is that one has and is a cockpit

Wait a cockpit- JEFFERY WHAT THE F-

What’s red and bad for your dental health? A brick. What’s invisible and bad for you to breath? Mustard gas. What’s green and bad for you to drink? Radioactive waste

poopy farty pee

Wee dyslexic boy and girl in class. Wee boy says"Can you smell gas?? Wee girl replies"I canny even smell my name"