How can you tell if you have a high sperm count?

When your girlfriend has to chew before she swallows.

Q. How much cum does a gay guy have A. A butt load

Was gonna make a gay joke butt fuck… Cum on guys

Gary and Steve are having sex and the phone rings. Steve goes to answer the phone and tells Gary, “Hey, Don’t finish yourself until I get back.” After returning from the other room, there is cum all over the bed and wall of the bedroom. “Jesus, Gary, I said not to finish yourself until I got back!” Gary turns to him and says, “I didn’t, I farted.”

What is different about priests and acne.

Acne waits until your 13 to cum on your face

My dad just cums and goes.

Whats the difference between acne and a priest?

Acne waits until your a teen to cum on your face.

Nutted in her braces, now my kids are behind bars.

Why couldn’t the dwarf husband make his wife pregnant?

Because of his short cummings.

I nutted on the wall, call that a walnut.

Whats the Difference between acne and the Pope? Acne waits till your 13 to cum on your face

2 people are under the covers. The man says “Quote the Beatles: Cum together!”

whats the difference between a zit and a catholic priest?
a zit will wait til 12 before it cums on your face.

why does santa not have any children he only cums once a year

Do u know the similarity between a penis and cucumber is ? They both have cum in it


why do pedos like to lose races? because they like to cum on a little behind

What starts off fun and ends in bankruptcy?


How do you get a hippie chick pregnant? You cum on her feet and let the flies do the rest

Gay jokes are not funny, CUM on guys