Crash Jokes

Helicopter, Helicopter Kobe Bryant in my chopper Sitting next to burning daughter Lots of smoke and little laughter

What does Kobe now have in common with his helicopter? They both have torn rotators.

I hate jokes about 9/11... every joke has the tendency to crash and burn.

"I didn't get the joke at first but then it hit me like a plane," the joke was so dark a cop almost shot it.

doctor: you need to eat healthy

me: no

doctor: the last patient who didn't change their diet after i suggested it died

me: oh my goodness

doctor: in a plane crash

me: that sounds unrelated

doctor: i'm the one that crashed it. do not disobey me

I was at the beach today, and there was a big wave. Somebody went, damn that crashed harder than the twin towers. Jack may have survived the towers, but not the crash

one day, a class of children were killed in a bus accident, but only some survived. One was praying that he would survive, and the other said,"First time?"