Common Jokes


Humans and sharks have something in common, the great ones are always white

I'm not funny
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What do a moose and a triceratops have in common? Both have noses.

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What does Monica and Bill Clinton have in common…They both did not inhale. lol

What do emos and a bird nest have in common? They both hang from a tree.

Hacky sack your black

What does dark humor and a child with cancer have in common.They never get old

Andrew Butcher

What does a “transgender” womans favorite song and his/her last online order have in common???

~they’re both a dick in a box

Blah Blah Blah, words and stuff you know

What do suicidal people and apples have in common? They both hang from trees

Addison Banks age (9)
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People who don’t have common sense are just stupid people with ugly hearts. STOP HATING PEOPLE YOU NEVER KNOW! Also write “then exit the f word site” and I think we know that won’t happen !!!


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What does Nelson mindella and Paul Walker have in common?

They both died at 95.

Lovely perv

What do lovely men and tampons have in common both lick up the juices of the women they were made for.


What does Hiroshima, Nagasaki share in common with balls? “They both drop”

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What does an emo kid and pizza have in common……the pizza doesn’t cut itself.


what don’t Rick astley and the twin towers have in common? One wont let you down while the other will.

what dose Michele jackson and a xbox have in common …

kids turn them on


What does a refrigerator and a gay male have in common?? Only one farts when you pull the meat out. 🌝🌝🌝

neyo cunningham

what does having sex with a woman and cooking an egg in a skillet have in common? A. both end with a loud annoying sound and a gooey mess to clean the shit up.


Have you ever heard of the stupid coyote. he got stuck in a trap chewed of three of his legs and was still stuck


What do sea turtles and lesbians have in common They both choke on plastic

Papa Stalin

what do a pregnant 14-year-old and the fetus inside of her have in common? They both are thinking “Shit! Mom is gonna kill me!”

What do the Mafia and pussies have in common? One slip of the tongue, and you’re in deep shit.