what’s the difference between a shooter and a bullied autistic kid

Depends who’s shooting

When the school shooter leaves your classroom and the autistic kid’s sketchers light up.

When the school shooters finally leaves your class room but then the autistic kid next you sketchers light up

What is a school shooter’s favorite animal??

A Desert Eagle

What’s a school shooters favorite anime

Assassination classroom

Why Did The Columbine High School Basketball Team Lose The Big Game? Because They Lost Their Two Best Shooters…

When a school shooter walks to the intercom and plays pumped up kicks

We don’t have school shooters we have special ed breeches

the columbine high school basketball team hasnt been the same since they lost there 2 best shooters

Teacher: I’m sorry but you got a 74 on the test Quiet Kid: I’ll show you my own 74 Classroom: visible panic

When the school shooter kills the teacher and the autistic kid declares communism

Teacher: What month is it? Quiet kid: AUG-ust Classroom: visible concern

a student was peeking in on a 10/10 chick and the guy was about to nut. the school shooter patted his back and told him to leave his corpses alone

What’s a school shooter’s favourite flower?


Hippity hoppity the school shooter spotted me

So there was school shooting in Florida why didn’t the shooter just go to Disney…sorry i just work there and I’m trying to get people to come on down.

why was the kid not able to cross the hallway? answer: the school shooter already shot him in the middle of the hallway

When the school shooter throws a smoke bomb into the classroom and the autistic kid thinks it’s a dance party.

This isn’t a joke, just an American back to school list. 1.Pencils 2.Binders 3.Paper 4.Pencil sharpener What, did you think I was going to make a school shooter joke?

What do you call a Circus Show? A School shooter

When the school shooter is just about to leave your classroom and you think your in the clear but the Down syndrome kid says “goodbye”