why couldn’t the girl brush her hair?

… she had cancer… ;)

child with cancer says mother what will i be when i grow up and then the mother says shut up dick you have cancer hehehe.

Fuck my dad has cancer lol

What does a kid with cancer and a house fly have in common?

A life expectancy of 15-25 days.

Se we are in class right, and the teacher has a metal leg. Every year she gets the question of “do metal detectors beep every time you walk by them?” She herd this question to the point were she just says yes without hesitation. Once she had said yes, two kids int he back started laughing. Teacher: Ok alright, take it a little bit more seriously would you? Kid: Oh were not laughing at that. Kid_2: Were laughing at cancer.

Oliver savage’s life

My mother said I’m sexy I said no I have cancer

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How do u finger a feminist, shake her hand and call her Theresa

What do you call a mammal the has no hair? Cancer

cancer jokes really grow on you - unlike the patients hair…

A man sees a woman. He falls in love with her. Little did he know she had aids.

whats does dark humor and a child with cancer have i common?

that i will never get old.


whats the samthing between milk and a kid with cancer they both have a expiery date

make a wish kid: i want to meet mac miller make a wish staff: you will soon chief

A joke huh? My sense of humor.

Son:Mom, I did the test and I have cancer!


Son:Mom, as my zodiac symbol…


Why does Ella have cancer? Because she’s stupid

A kid in the hospital says his father “I want to be an astronaut when I’m older, daddy!” The dad responds to this, saying “You can be that if you can cure your Stage 4 Cancer, buddy.”