What do you call a malignant cell in Paris?

A Royale with cancer.

What did sally get for Christmas cancer

What’s the most common name for cancer patients

Luke (lukemia)

I love it when cancer hits like a ton of bricks, the best part is when it kills people

You know whats the worst about having a daughter with cancer? You can’t pull her hair when you hit it from the back

What’s the same about dark humor and kids with cancer?

They never get old

Why did the little boy fall off the swing? Because he had no arms or legs

What did the little boy get for Christmas? Cancer

Why did the little boy drop his ice cream? He got hit by a bus

Knock knock…Who’s there… Not the little boy

Dark humor is like a boy with cancer

They never get old

what is the difference between a kid with cancer and dark humour? Dark humour never dies!

What does a kid with cancer and a house fly have in common?

A life expectancy of 15-25 days.

Why are people joking about this stuff?

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What has kid with cancer and Peter Pan in common? They will never grow up.


whats does dark humor and a child with cancer have i common?

that i will never get old.


Se we are in class right, and the teacher has a metal leg. Every year she gets the question of “do metal detectors beep every time you walk by them?” She herd this question to the point were she just says yes without hesitation. Once she had said yes, two kids int he back started laughing. Teacher: Ok alright, take it a little bit more seriously would you? Kid: Oh were not laughing at that. Kid_2: Were laughing at cancer.

Derrick and Clive. They have a song about a Dad with Cancer and other extremely offensive subjects in a routine called “The non stop dancer”. It is very funny but it is made even funnier by Dudley moors, drunken and stoned laughter through the song. One of the best routines ever. Look it up on YouTube. They recorded them in the studio but they are adlibbing and extremely drunk.

cancer jokes really grow on you - unlike the patients hair…

Knock knock Who’s there Mimi Mimi who Mimi’s got cancer