Doll Jokes



(Girl) Do you ever blink? (Doll) (no reply) (Girl) you look like a mannequin!!! (Doll) ( no reply)



What did the farmer say to the doll? You death baby doll.


igloo and you

What the Nazi say when a doll hit his daughter?

A-doll Hit-her!



sex dolls are alive in the Toy Story universe



To whoever has my voodoo doll, please hold its hand.


Aussie Oi Oi Oi

I miss the good old days when you could have a light joke at someone else's expense. Like doing that marital rape thing, it never used to be called that. It used to be called 'serving your husband" or "wifely duties". The real joke is that it was legal until 1990.

Why is that a joke?

Because it is piss funny seeing the look on her face when she wakes up in the middle of coitus.

Why is that a joke?

Dude come on you want to start your day off happy or not?

Why is that a joke?

She literally looks like she just seen a ghost and sort of flops about trying to fend you off like a rag doll. It's piss funny.

No seriously dude, why is that a joke? It sounds more like a felony.


cheong san

squid game doll be like gugu la gu your mom my balls



What do you call a Barbie doll that’s wearing scrubs? A plastic surgeon 😷



*An orphan goes to a family restaurant with her doll* "I'm sorry but you can't be here," said the man "this is a family restaurant" the orphan said "this is my family" then pointed to her doll.



i was walking and i saw a girl crying and she told me to take her doll house and i asked why?she said because i dont have one


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Clamgodamron: are you a kid?

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Bully (😏): Name 3 things you don't have.

Orphan named Kaiel (πŸ˜”) : Um...a dog...a doll...and a credit card.

Bully(😑): NO!

Orphan named Kaiel (😟): Sorry, what???

Bully (🀣): Parents. Family. And a home with people you love.



Did you know hellen Keller had a doll house in her back yard? Neither did she



What do you call dolls in a line? Barbie queuing.



101 pedo jokes whys everything x2, need to get this shit dick off before the coppers come, its called women taking advantage, youl shit the bitcoin, 90% percent of pedo's who dont admit there like kids blame the police, shit your kappas, you only want my veins why dont you inject me with smack, run in with ya black armbands, ive been sized for a million pound, stop giving me strain asking questions, i know whats going to happen next, bet the judge is a women, jelous coz your drink tastes like shit?, is it coz your shit though?, how many bids have you done?, shit 1million views, dont try bribe me, did the police give me snip?, hows my barbie doll or shall i say my little pony? the police beat fuck outta me, whats all these needle marks on my arm, i can tell you want something, whys everything like one big cycle, police own the dark web,

keep it going on lol



What is a doll's favorite dog? A doll-matian.


Whoever has my voodoo doll, can u just finish me off already

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson is like if a Barbie doll and Bruno Mar had an ugly child together!!! I'm jk btw Michael Jackson was amazing!