Doll Jokes

(Girl) Do you ever blink? (Doll) (no reply) (Girl) you look like a mannequin!!! (Doll) ( no reply)

Q: why was barbie kicked out of the toy box A: she sat on pinocchios face and siad "lie to me

i was walking and i saw a girl crying and she told me to take her doll house and i asked why?she said because i dont have one

Doc: can I help u? Girl: doctor I have pain in my heart? Doc: when did it begin? Girl: right now ( seeing hem like doll ). Doc: you like me? I know I am handsome... Girl: No, don’t get me wrong. U just look like someone I know. Doc: Who is that? Is ur boyfriend? Girl: No, it’s my pet ( rabbit) his name is Rokie.

*An orphan goes to a family restaurant with her doll* "I'm sorry but you can't be here," said the man "this is a family restaurant" the orphan said "this is my family" then pointed to her doll.