The earth is flat

what does the blind, deff child get for christmas


Dark humor is like a boy with cancer

They never get old

Why can’t sally get a hair cut? She has cancer

What’s the same about dark humor and kids with cancer?

They never get old

what do you call a person with cancer a ghost with a body

What is a “dad”?

What has kid with cancer and Peter Pan in common? They will never grow up.

What’s the difference between cancer and a Nazi? Cancer doesn’t discriminate.

cancer is so easy to beat im already at stage four!

Me and my cancer Are like a game of fortnite I’ll never win

A kid in the hospital says his father “I want to be an astronaut when I’m older, daddy!” The dad responds to this, saying “You can be that if you can cure your Stage 4 Cancer, buddy.”

What’s the difference between a prostitute and cancer.

A prostitute can beat my d**k anyday, but a prostitute can’t beat cancer.

I told my mother im a sexy cunt she said no u got cancer u twat

How would you best describe prostate cancer?

Well it is somewhere between a dick and an asshole!

A man sees a woman. He falls in love with her. Little did he know she had aids.

Dark humor is like kids with cancer they never get old

We wrote letters to a kid with cancer. My letter read “its a bumpy road but soon u will have a straight path.” People didnt realize it was meant for his heart monitor. Lol

Yes Stephen hawkin is alive YEET

What do you call a malignant cell in Paris?

A Royale with cancer.