Why do skeletons hate wind? Because it goes right through them!

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball. He didn’t have any BODY to go with.

If it’s true what they say and I quote; “God never gives you more than you can handle”

Then you should pray to those who didn’t, that God gave them a body strong enough to survive the attempt.

Person A: cmon person B, just be happy, smile Person B: over my dead body Person B: gets the noose

Jeff asks, "Did you hear about the guy they call the flash?" Bob responds, "No, I haven’t. Do they call him that because he runs fast?" Jeff replies, “Nah, they call him that because he doesn’t wear pants.”

What do you call a cow that has two legs shorter on one side of its body compared to the other?


What is a suicide packs favorite song… Let the bodies hit floor

Why doesn’t a skeleton to dance. Because he had no body to dance with. Lol sans

3 people explored the jungles, one was was France, one from Britain, and the other from America. While exploring, they were captured by the tribe living there. The tribesmen told the three “You three have invaded our territory, so we must kill you and use your bodies to create canoes. However we aren’t that heartless so we’ll let you choose your deaths.” So the French guy asked for a gun, pointed to his head and said “Viva la France” and shot himself. The Britain guy requested for poison and said “For the queen” and drank the poison. Lastly the American asked for a spoon, the tribesmen were confused but still gave him the spoon. When the American got the spoon, he started stabbing himself “Try make a canoe out of this one!”

“Why did Susie fall off the swing?” “Because she had no arms”

“Why could she get up off the ground?” “Because she had no friends”

“Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “Not Susie, she’s still on the ground”

“Where did Susie go when the bomb went off?” “Everywhere” “Why couldn’t Susie scratch her leg?” “Because it was in a different body bag”

“Why did Susie drop her ice cream?” “She was hit by a bus”

“Why did Susie fall off the swing?” “Someone threw a refrigerator at her”

according to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly, it wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. but of course, bees fly anyway because bees don’t care about what humans think is impossible, Yellow, Black. Yellow, Black

A slag is like the first peace of bread in a loaf everyone touches it but no body wants it.

Why did the doorbell have a good sense of humor? Because it got every bodys pokes!

What did the girl say to the man with a moustache? I moustache you a question

I drew a fist on a body and then i drew a guy saying to him “that dude’s a knucle-head!”

What body part do pigs have that humans don’t have? A hambone.

why did the skeleton not go the ball? Because he had no body to go with

why do giraffes have such long necks?

Because their feet smell!

Why does a giraffe need such a long neck?

Because its head is so far away from its body.

I gotta song for Hawaii baby you light up my world like no body els