Your so dam ugly that the robbers only go into your house to close the blinds.

A blind man is going for a walk. Eventually, he reaches a fish market. He yells, “Hello ladies!”

How did the blind girl get a date? She said it was love at first sight

So Helen Keller walked into a bar, then a stool, then a table, then a door…

What did the blind deaf orphan child get for Christmas?


What do you call a blind author? A Braille writer

you walk inside a building then you see a blind german then you call him his name

Answer: Nazi

What don’t blind people like bungee jumping?

Because it scares the fuck out of dogs!

Why was Helen Keller’s leg yellow? Her dog was blind too.

A blind guy walk into the door of a bar… That’s it…that’s the end of the joke.

How do you punish Stevie wonder for bad behavior? You move all of the furniture around

how do you make a blind girl smile… leave the plunger in the toilet

what does the blind, deff child get for christmas


What do you call a blind german? A Nazi (Not-see)!

Blind guy and his seeing eye dog walk into a bar. The Blind guy starts swinging the dog around on the leash. The bartender yells Sir Stop! What are you doing!? The Blind guy say, I’m just looking around.

A man broke into stevie wonders house and threatened to kill his wife

He just turned a blind eye

roses are red violents are blue everything is black i can’t see can you.

What problems might a blind child run into A wall

What dog can’t see a dog that’s blind

1st person : What do you call a blind pianist? 2nd person : what? 1st person : a pianist