What did the blind kid get for Christmas? He hasn’t seen it yet…

What did the kids with no arms get? He doesn’t know, he’s still trying to figure out how to open it. :))))

Why can’t blind people have a sea food diet?

They have to see the food to eat

What did Helen Keller do when she fell down a well? Screamed till her hands fell off.

A blind man walked into me at a store i said “watch it bitch” and he said “sorry i didn’t see you there.”

how did helen kellers mom punish her? rearranged the furniture

Bird box

What did the deaf, dumb, and blind kid get for Christmas?

Answer: cancer

Why did sally run into a tree? She is blind

why can’t helen keller drive cause shes already dead

why cant the blind man see, because he cant see

There was a blind man in wwe and the commentator said WATCH OUT WATCH Oh he can’t see after he was sued for national offense

Why is time important? To not be late

What is a defenition of tight? A.Putting a blind man in a round room and saying your dinners in the corner.

Lesbians and blind women, wear the same clothes

Why did the kid who was blind, in jail need light to see? He didn’t, he needed to braille his way out.

What did the guy with no teeth say to a blind guy… how mae Ingers am I olding up

A blind person walkes into a bar

Because they can’t see where they are going

What did a comedian say at a show full of blind people? What’s up.

i thought i told u the lock up when i left this morning this is why our shit gets stolen all the time

Why did my dad leave me, Because i was a disapointment