what did the blind man say on Christmas? I can feel your presents!

I got a handjob of a blind woman the other day she said its the biggest thing i ever had in my hand i said no love your just pulling my leg

How did the blind Catholic get in a car crash? He asked Jesus to take the wheel.

I was with my blind friend, and he’s telling me “Yeah I can read braille”. So I hand him a Lego brick and ask him to read it. Apparently, Lego has been hiding a dark secret from us for years; as all their bricks read “Screw you, asshole”

At the funeral of a family friend, I was chatting to June, an elderly lady I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager. I was thrilled when she told me what a beautiful young woman I’d become.

On the journey home, I remarked to my mother how lovely it had been to see June again.

“Yes, it’s such a shame that she’s gone blind,” she said sadly.

A women walkes into a supermarket and sees a blined man swing a dog around in the air so the women walkes up to him and asked “what what are you doing” the man says " just having a look round"

What happened to the blind man’s son. He thought he was hitting a pinyata.

Why are blind people so good ad being a jedi? They are always swinging a stick

What did the deaf, blind, mute, and paralyzed baby get for Christmas?


A blind man walks into a bar, and asks the bartender, “Wanna hear a blonde joke?” The bartender replies with, “I’m blonde, the man working next to me is blonde, the woman next to you is blonde, and the fat guy behind you is blonde.” Then says “Do you really wanna tell the blonde joke?” the blind guy responds with "No I don’t wanna tell it that many times.

A blind guy walks into a bar.

So a blind man walks into a bar.

At least he thinks so.

I bought my blind friend a house on the edge of a cliff

They died of happiness and a 30 story fall

A blind man walks into a bar And a table And a chair

Why don’t oranges 🍊 go around blind?

Because they take Vitamin See!

What did the mute man tell the blind man? Nothing

What did john cena say to the blind man? U CANT SEE ME!

What did the blind man fight in the bar?

The coat rack

Why did Helen Keller ride a broken roller coaster?

She didn’t see anything wrong with it

In my free time, I like to help blind people

Verb, not adjective