Titanic Jokes

What do you call a Titan who can't swim????? Titanic Imagine the Titanic with a lisp. It would be unthinkable. my version is imagine the Titanic with a lisp it would be unsinkable. What did the front half of the Titanic say to the other half when it hit the ice berg ? I'm breaking up with you.

my mom: If your friend jumped off a bridge would you me: No Attack on titan music starts playing in my head

It was the year 1912, I was in the SS. titanic, and I woke from a dream to think, "I've heard of wet dreams, but is that WATER?"


wat did the captin of the titanic do before the titanic sunk .... he nominate everyone for the ice bucket awords

When they said Titanic was "Unsinkable", then they said, "The World Trade Centers was UnCollapable."

Did you hear the passengers on the titanic invited yo! Momma and the titanic crew said man over board

Luisa: the ship doesn't swerve as it heard how big the iceberg is

Captain of the titanic: wait what did you say

3 minutes later

Why didn't I listen to the strong one