Atlantic Jokes

What does the titanic and the MontrΓ©al Canadiens have in common they both sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic

Mr. Nobody: Water you thinkin's happenin', Ol' Mr. Atlantic? Mr. Atlantic: Something Smells Fishy... Mr. Nobody: Well, duh, you, idiot! Your an =\Ocean/= ! Mr. Atlantic: WTH!?!?!?!?

The US Navy Atlantic Fleet is closing in on the North American shores. Suddenly a blip on the radar appears and the radio starts crackling:

"Hello please divert to 5Β°East to avoid collision. Thank you." The commander starts answering: "No you divert 5Β° West to avoid collision. Over!" "Sorry sir You are the one who should divert to 5Β°East! Over! "Listen to me you asshole! We are the USS Washington and we have an entire fleet at our disposal and be sure we'll use all means necessary to keep ourselves safe!" After a moment of silence, the radio crackled again: "In case you still haven't figured out, we can't move BECAUSE THIS IS A LIGHTHOUSE!"

WHY IS THE SUN RED TODAY?Turned Red Today. Here's Why. As an enormous Atlantic storm batters Ireland, a related phenomenon is turning heads further east over in the United Kingdom. ... Just like the way sunsets are sometimes red, excess particles in the atmosphere can change the color of the sun in the daytime.