Dario is gay

We all know Steven can’t post on here because he can’t pass the robot test

what is steven hawkings mum? Your mum!

Steven hawking did not die he deleted him self

Does anyone know where I can get that picture that went around the internet of Steven Hawking looking at the stairway to Heaven and saying “Oh Fu-k”

What’s Steven Hawkins favourite crisps brand? Walkers

Why does Steven hawkings only do one liners?

Cause he can’t do stand up

Steven Hawking walks into a bar… Yeah.

(Not Original Joke)

Steven hawking is the fastest footballer ever-he could just charge up the Left Wing

The reason Steven hawking died is he lost his internet connection

Why did Steven hawking go to hell Why did Steven hawking go to hell Because there is a stairway to heaven

Because there’s a stairway to heaven

What do you call steven hawkings on fire Hot wheels

You know what’s impossible ??

Steven walking

Steven halking

Why did Steven hawking die,he ran out of data

Why did Steven hawking snot go to heaven ?

Because there is no ramp to heaven

Steven Hawking lost the wifi connection on March 14, 2018.

Have you ever walked past Steven Hawkings house? No neither has he

What’s steven hawking’s favourite type of comedy?? Stand up

How is Steven hawking so smart… he uploads it to his software