They have a new line of socks for paraplegics.

They are so comfortable they can’t even feel them.

Why was the homeless lady only wearing one sock? – She started her period.

I was having sex with my girl and she said she likes it rough so i socked her in the face.

How do you know a hippie is on her period? Her socks are missing. How do you know she’s off? Her socks are tye-dye.

In America they was a boy named urhan and he had one hand and a stump and a girl named handa who was a orphan, they had a trial for Boston red socks and they failed because urhan couldn’t stump the ball and handa didn’t know where home was.

What’s the funniest thing about being ringside at a UFC fight?

When you look around and all of the spectators are wearing white gowns and fuzzy socks, and you realize you aren’t at a UFC event, you’re watching your fellow patients fight to the death at a psychiatric facility.

whats the worst part about getting old?

going to pull up the wrinkles in your socks, just to find out you’re not wearing socks

Why do golfers bring an extra pear of socks, in case they get a whole in one

what is a rednecks favorite sock


How can you tell if a polish woman is on the rag? One of her socks are missing! What danger does this put them in? Toxic Sock Syndrome!